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For 52 years Northwest Dryer & Machinery Co. has supplied everything to keep your Veneer Dryers, Gypsum Dryers, and Fiberboard Dryers running dependably. Our customer list includes almost every company in North America that uses a dryer to produce their panels. We pride ourselves on manufacturing what we sell in our shop here in Oregon- so we can control the quality, lead times, and always have inventory on hand for when you need it.

From the President

I machined my first Star Gear 35 years ago, and over the years we have built a First-Class manufacturing shop. It is important that we produce these products ourselves so we can control the quality, timing and costs. It is equally important that when you contact Northwest Dryer you reach someone who is knowledgeable about your business, and your machinery. You have relied on us for 5 decades to keep your dryers running, it's rich history, and we appreciate the responsibility. Northwest Dryer & Machinery specializes in Replacement and Upgrade Parts for Industrial Dryers and other Wood Products Processing Equipment.

We produce, buy, sell and stock parts for Veneer Dryers, Gypsum Dryers and Fiberboard Dryers. Look to us for rapid delivery of the commonly used parts such as 8T Hook Tooth Sprockets, Star Gears, Door Seals, and more.

In our 47,000 square foot, CNC equipped, machine shop we have the capability to fabricate hard-to-find parts quickly and accurately. Northwest Dryer has large item Machining capabilities with a Vertical Mill capable of machining and drilling up to 10' X 30' plates. The Lathes can take up to 4' diameter x 60' long shafts. Our CNC machines are staffed by in-house programmers and experienced machinists to create any custom parts you need to keep your production going.

Our extensive experience makes Northwest Dryer and excellent source of dryer support, maintenance, and up-grades.

I look forward to working with you-
You are always welcome to call or drop by! Here's to the next 50 years!


Dedicated to Excellence since 1964


Our Mission

Many of our customers have adopted a philosophy of managing their forest resources as an environmentally sustainable resource. We applaud this mindset and promise to manage our manufacturing processes in a responsible way. We are dedicated to delivering quality machine parts made here in the USA. Our castings are made in Silverton, Oregon, and sheet metal is fabricated in Eugene, Oregon. Our machined and fabricated parts are made in our Tualatin, Oregon shop. 2015 marks 52 years of successful, dependable support of our customers in the wood products industry. We promise to keep family wage jobs here at home making quality products to keep your machines running - and to continue to be the same reliable link in your supply chain in our second half-century.