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Dryer Parts

Dryer Parts

Northwest Dryer maintains an extensive stock of essential replacement parts for most brands of veneer dryers and the manufacturing capabilities to create hard-to-get parts as required. Look to us for rapid delivery of the commonly used parts such as 8T Hook Tooth Sprockets, Star Gears, Door Seals. etc.


Northwest Dryer has a 47,000 square foot CNC equipped machine shop dedicated to your machining and fabrication needs.

Our large vertical mill can drill, tap and finish 40' X 10' steel plates for your press.

We have a 60' lathe that can handle material 4' in diameter.

Our ten CNC machines are staffed by in-house programmers and experienced machinists to create any custom or hard-to-get parts you need to keep your production going.

We can even create CNC part programs from broken parts!

We are responsive with excellent turn-around time. We really serve our customers.

Northwest Dryer has been supplying parts for many types of machines in the wood products industry for four decades

  • Chargers
  • Core Drives
  • Lathes
  • Dryers
  • Patchers

Our Commitment is to meet your parts requirements faster and more economically from our extensive stock or to fabricate special requirements quickly in our CNC equipped Machine Shop.


Raimann Patcher Parts

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Dryer Parts Catalog

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